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HCM Endorsements

FMH-0010 Communicable Disease Exclusion Endorsement
FMH-0020 Cyber Loss Exclusion
FMH-1001 Dwelling Property Form-Basic
FMH-1003 Dwelling Property Coverage-Broadform
FMH-2001 Policy Conditions and Property Coverage Terms
FMH-2002 Custom Home-Dwelling Coverage
FMH-2003 Special Home-Dwelling Coverage
FMH-2004 Personal Property Coverage
FMH-2008 Water Backup and Sump Discharge or Overflow
FMH-2010 Non-Farm Structure Coverage
FMH-2030 Dwelling Annual Limit Adjustments
FMH-2055 Replacement Value-Contents
FMH-2170 Computers-Ag and Personal
FMH-2175 Personal Articles Coverage
FMH-2255 Repair Cost Terms
FMH-2671 Limited Fungi, Wet or Dry Rot, or Bacteria Coverage
FMH-3006 Select Farm Coverage
FMH-3010 Special Form Coverage-Farm Structures
FMH-3021 Combine and Cotton Picker Endorsement
FMH-3022 Farm Interruption Coverage
FMH-3030 Farm Annual Limit Adjustments
FMH-3034 Suffocation of Livestock
FMH-3064 Certified Act of Terrorism Exclusion
FMH-3257 Ordinance or Law-Farm Stuctures
FMH-3323 Weight of Ice, Snow, or Sleet
FMH-3324 Winter Perils-Livestock
FMH-3341 Replacement Cost Terms-Farm Structures
FMH-3345 Theft of Building Materials
FMH-3346 Special Perils for Animals-4H and FFA
FMH-3347 Windstorm or Hail-Farm Products in the Open
FMH-3350 Towing, Hitching or Unhitching Endorsement
FMH-3363 Repair or Rebuilding Requirement
FMH-3364 Total Loss Restrictive Endorsement
FMH-3365 Replacement Cost Provision for Well Pumps
FMH-3371 Underground Service Line Endorsement
FMH-4010 Roof Exclusion Endorsement
FMH-4011 Roof Loss Settlement Agreement/ACV
FMH-4020 Siding Exclusion Endorsement
FMH-4021 Siding Loss Settlement Agreement/ACV
FMH-4029 Special Property Restrictive Endorsement
FMH-4029/S Special Property Restrictive Endorsement - Slate Exclusion
FMH-4029/T Special Property Restrictive Endorsement - Theft Exclusion
FMH-4030 Heating System Exclusion
FMH-4042 Cosmetic Damage Limitation

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